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    In order to cater for an increased demand for PR distribution for artists and labels, Push Global Entertainment LLC has revealed a new press release writing and distribution service. This service is uniquely tailored to each and every label or musician.  We now offer a fully researched press release music news story.  We can put your label or artist in Google News, Yahoo, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and more.  In addition, we will syndicate your news to as many as 500+ TV, Radio, Journal & Newspaper websites.  

    Our writing & distribution package provides a unique music news story by researching your label’s or artist’s websites and social media pages and then creating an exciting music news publication into 500 live locations provided, tv, newspapers (CBS, FOX, AVC, CW and NBC) trade journals & magazines, all in the Associated Press release style.

Push Global Entertainment Press Release Trial Campaign
  • Push Global Entertainment Press Release Trial Campaign
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Push Global Entertainment Press Release Trial Campaign


-One (1) article PERMANENT placement into 5 Major News & Entertainment Magazines -GrindWeekly Interview (Google SEO and Google News Verified)

-Includes Bossy Girl Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Vault Weekly, Absurd Magazine and GrindWeekly ( GUARANTEED Results!

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Reach U.S. national trade periodicals (magazines), relevant to your newS. News included on, Apple News, Google News, Bing News, and syndicated onto 250-6000+ websites same day.



     Push Global Entertainment LLC is partnered with major digital marketing agencies that have a worldwide audience of listeners, making it very easy to get loyal listeners to visit artist's or label's websites.  Our partners' subscribers are a highly active group of consumers with above average levels of purchase intentions and are early adopters of new media options.  Our main partner, Push Global Networks owns and oversees one of the world's fastest growing networks of online/FM radio stations, magazines, record labels, social media properties and household brands.  Our digital marketing partners operates radio streams that play over 20+ years of the best music and entertainment, ensuring a maximum reach from a variety of age groups with a wide range of interests.  Our digital marketing partnered network is 100% FREE TO TUNE-IN so when your music is aired it will STAND OUT which is a key benefit of being a sponsor.  With consumers shifting away from listening to traditional local broadcast radio stations with iPhones and smartphones, internet radio helps an artist or label to reach a larger audience and stand out from the crowd giving it unique exposure. 

     Our digital marketing partners offers a diverse audience from around the world, positioning your organization with an attractive demographic.   Our digital marketing partnered radio stations and website properties share our blogs content every day.  Artists and labels receive multiple spotlights and product reviews in some of the leading online pop culture magazines in the country.  Artists and labels receive full features in top high traffic websites that drives TARGETED leads to it's sponsored content.  Push Global 's content is eligible to be published on the following websites:   TMZ, LA Times, CNN, Billboard, US Weekly, CBS Radio,, TIME, ESPN, FOOD Network and more!  

     Advertising with Push Global Entertainment LLC, artists and labels receive press release distribution to major media outlets Like FOX, CBS, ABC, & More! Over 500+ websites will publish your professionally written release on very popular sites with high domain authority, trust flow and vigorous editorial screening.   Our partners have been in this business for more than 20 years so we know what will work and what will fail.  Our team offers the best blend of mobile reach and engagement while maintaining effective content syndication strategies.  

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